Condensate Pump Model CP5

The CP5 condensate pump is designed specifically for use underneath refrigerated cabinets and accordingly should not be used for any other purpose.



The operation of the pump is controlled by two preset float switches. The pump is activated by the high level float switch and de-activated by the low level float switch. The float switches operate the pump via a power relay.

Alarm Switch:

An additional float switch is available (as an extra) for alarm duty, for connection to an external monitor.



Dimensions: 530 x 170 x 80mm

Tank capacity: 4 litres

Construction: Formed, 18swg stainless steel

Pump motor: Magnetic drive, regenerative pump mounted to an induction motor, rated 0.5A. Thermally protected.

Pump duty: Maximum lift 6 metres
Maximum flow volume 5.2 litres/minute

Connections: 11/2" drain - 3/8 hose

Level control: Dual preset float switches operating the pump via a power relay

Voltage: 230V

Performance: (Tested with clean cold water @20°C)