Condensate Pump Model CP15

The CP15 condensate pump is designed specifically for mounting on walls of coldrooms, or in close proximity, for the drainage of condensate from the coldroom evaporators.



The operation of the pump is controlled by a preset float switch via a timer control unit. When the float switch is activated by a rising water level the control timer delays the running cycle for approximately 10 seconds. The running cycle will commence after the delay and will continue to run for approximately 18 seconds. The system will then reset in readiness for the next cycle. The amount of water removed per cycle will depend on the pressure head of the installation.

Alarm Switch:

An additional float switch is available (as an extra) for alarm duty, for connection to an external monitor.


Full Weight: 14kg

Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 120mm

Tank capacity: 7 litres

Construction: Formed, 18swg stainless steel

Pump motor: Two stage, centrifugal column pump connected to a permanent capacitor induction motor, rated 0.5a. Thermally protected.

Pump duty: Maximum lift 8 metres
Maximum flow volume 15 litres/minute

Connections: 3/8 hose

Level control: Float switch initiation of the control unit timed cycle. (Delayed start 10 seconds, preset running cycle 18 seconds). 

Voltage: 230V

Performance: Tested with clean cold water @20°C